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QUESTION 1: What are the benefits of professional window washing for residential properties?

ANSWER 1: Professional window washing enhances the aesthetic appeal of your home, ensures a clearer view (i.e less streaking), and saves the homeowner time.


QUESTION 2: How often should windows be professionally cleaned?

ANSWER 2: The frequency of professional window cleaning depends on factors such as location, weather conditions, and personal preference. Generally, it's recommended to have windows cleaned a few times a year.


QUESTION 3: Are there eco-friendly options for window washing?

ANSWER 3: Absolutely! We offer eco-friendly cleaning solutions that effectively remove dirt while being gentle on the environment.


QUESTION 4: How do I prepare for a professional window washing service?

ANSWER 4: Clear window sills and move obstacles that may hinder access to the windows, such as screens. Inform us of any specific concerns or requirements you may have.


QUESTION 5: What is the difference between residential and commercial window washing services?

ANSWER 5: While the core principles remain the same, commercial window washing often involves larger-scale operations and specialized equipment to handle taller buildings.


QUESTION 6: How can hard water stains on windows be effectively removed?

ANSWER 6: We have have access to specialized solutions designed to dissolve mineral deposits and effectively remove hard water stains, restoring the clarity of your windows.


QUESTION 7: Can I combine window washing with other exterior cleaning services?

ANSWER 7: Certainly! We offer offer bundled packages that may include window washing, pressure washing, and other exterior cleaning services for a comprehensive home makeover.

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